Discuss the causes and post-mortem signs of syncope.

Causes of syncope

  1. Deficiency in the quantity of circulating blood as in-
    a. Haemorrhage- or direct loss of a large quantity of blood due to injury or such diseases as gastrict or duodenal ulcer, enteric fever, etc.

b. Dehydration-or loss of a large quantity of the fluid constituent of the blood as in algid type of malaria cholera, and bacillary dysentery as arsenic and po1sonings.well as in

  1. Deficiency in the quantity of blood-as in secondary anaem1a due to such diseases as ankylostomiasis and kala-axar.
  2. Diseases of the he art- myocardial or valvular.
  3. Shock-causing sudden inhibition of the heart due to depression on the central nervous system from external or internal stimulus.

Post-mortem signs syncope :

  1. Both sides of the heart-may be either empty or full depending on the stoppage of the organ occur-ring during systole or diastole.
  2. If death be due to asthenia-the heart is usually flabby, soft and fully relaxed with both ventricles Containing ante-mortem and post-mortem clots.
  3. Other organs are-as a rule. more or less conges-ted ow1ng to insufficient oxygenation of the blood from feeble circulation.
  4. When, on the other hand, death occurs as a result of sudden stoppage of the heart, all the internal organs are found to be in normal condition.

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